What Inspired Align

My favorite part about doing what I do, whether its teaching yoga or sharing Thai Massage, is the ability I have to connect with other people. To not only share what I am most passionate about, but to have the opportunity to do it right along side you; to enjoy the present moment and be in the experience with you.  This joy is what inspired Align. I wanted to create a space where I could connect more with my students in smaller groups or one on one. By doing so, I would be able to dedicate more attention to each student; helping them to not only develop a more personalized, custom practice, but to serve as a support along the way.



Why ALIGNing with ourSelf is so essential

Awareness allows us to experience the subtler aspects of life and marks a step on our inner journey toward self-realization. Once we develop a conscious relationship within ourselves, we can then bring that connection and understanding into our everyday life. When we strengthen the connection to our intuition we create a stable foundation within ourselves. We form a deeper trust in our own innate wisdom, which supports us to live our lives from a more centered and grounded space. There is a stronger sense of commitment and dedication when we follow a path or ‘plan’ that is of our own creation. A steady and consistent Yoga Practice helps to spark this connection and acts as a gateway to your inner guidance by helping to calm and steady the mind.  If we can become more in tune with ourselves, we are more likely to work together as a whole.  We align not only within our self, but with all that crosses our path; every relationship and every experience.