How Yoga Found Me...

I was raised with a huge admiration for the dance world and trained consistently from the young age of three. I found so much beauty and appreciation for the way the body could move. The things I was capable of releasing and working through as I blended movement with music. It was an art and my way of expression. I have no magical story as to why I was drawn to yoga.  The journey first began when I was in college. I signed up for a yoga class through my school, as a PE credit course. I thought it would be a fun class to take because of my old love affair for dance; a new way to tap back into that passion. To my delight, it was exactly this and so much more. That fire was reignited and I sought out classes outside of the college and attended whenever I could. The ability that Yoga had in calming my mind and centering me within myself was a gift. A few years passed and my path led me back to my hometown. I was driving through the main street of Pismo Beach and spotted the sweet studio of Harmony House Yoga; I thought, ‘how fun would it be to work there!’ I signed up for their Intro Month Special and fell in love with the Harmony House Community and within a few months, I was lucky enough to become a part of their staff. From that point on, I had my heart set on becoming a teacher.

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Journey as a Teacher

 In 2015, I took my first 200 RYT through Yoga Village in Arroyo Grande with an incredible group of strong and diverse instructors. The following year I completed my second 200 RYT through Journey Inward with the inspiring Kelly Metcalf. In 2017, I completed my Thai Yoga Therapy training with Lori Anderson whose lineage derives from Saul David Raye. I feel so deeply honored I had the opportunity to work so closely with each one of my teachers. To not only embrace their presence, but to have their experiences and tools shared and passed down. I am forever grateful and so inspired to continue on this healing path as a teacher, passing along this beautiful practice we call Yoga.