My Mission

As a healer:

To honor and respect your unique path of personal growth, life fulfillment and overall wellbeing. I do this by creating a safe and sacred space for you to discover what it means for you to live from your highest potential (Self).


As Your Yoga Teacher

For me, teaching is the opportunity to hold space and create a supportive environment for you, as my students. Allowing you the freedom to explore and grow in your own practice in the effort to discover your challenges and unique lessons in this sweet process of self-realization. I’m not there to tell you where you need to go, nor do I have all of your answers; I am simply a guide to help you find your own innate path. I will provide you with various healing modalities to support you on this journey in developing your very own, safe, at home practice. A practice that feels accessible and sustainable through life.


As Your Thai Massage Therapist

My goal resides on a deeper healing level. I work with the energy lines, or sen lines, to stimulate the nervous system in an effort to support your body’s own, natural form of healing. Thai Massage is very different from table or Swedish massage. It’s the combination of assisted Yoga postures and acupressure. Rather than using the technique of rubbing the muscles, Thai massage uses the technique of thumbing and palming to compress the body as well as, gentle pulling, stretching & rocking. For optimal physical and mental health, touch is a key element. This form of massage will provide you with relaxation and contentment and may welcome in the experience of wellbeing as it allows for a meditative mind & body connection. My heart fell in love with Thai Massage because it is a dance of energy between the giver and the receiver.